Archive: October, 2018


An MCX-NSE trader should always aware of 3 trading cycles (consolidation, breakout, or trend) of a stock/commodity before entering a trade. One of the most popular strategies to make a profitable trade is a channel breakout. A channel in MCX-NSE trading is created by drawing lines between support and resistance in ... Read More


The Richard Donchian 4-week theory is a time-tested strategy that most professional traders use. The Donchian 4-week theory is a proven strategy that has been around for over 30 years. Due to its simplicity, many traders disregard it because they don't believe it can be profitable. The reality of it, however, ... Read More


Every trader should be aware of one day patterns. However, because of their one-day simplicity, traders often overlook them. By using these patterns, traders have a clearer picture of the direction that the market may be moving. Among the several one day patterns, today we will discuss two specific patterns ... Read More