Compare Software and SMS

  • Difference

  • Category

  • Number of callsNumber of calls
  • Selection of script / commoditySelection of script / commodity
  • Suitable forSuitable for
  • MNT Software

  • Premium

  • Number of callsYou can select unlimited scripts / commodities . Per script / commodity you get 1 or 2 calls

    In Software you select any script or commodity from full list, in SMS we select script.
  • Selection of script / commoditySoftware will suggest you script / commodities.

    You can trade on this suggested script / commodity or you can trade any other script / commodity of your choice
  • Suitable forOnline traders and brokers and Tips Providers

  • Premium

  • Number of callsIn MCX SMS you can get tips in 8 selected commodities. Gold-Silver-Copper-CrudeOil-Nickel-Zinc-Nat.Gas-Lead. Daily 3-5 calls in of any of these commodities.

    In NSE Cash-Future daily you will get 1-3 calls .

    In NSE Options daily 4-6 calls
  • Selection of script / commodityIn Commodities you can select ALL or ANY commodities from Gold-Silver-Copper-CrudeOil-Nickel-Zinc-Nat.Gas-Lead.

    In Stock Market we select the script ourself
  • Suitable forOffline Traders + Online Traders , Brokers and Tips Providers
QuaLity of calls is same in both Software and SMS
Whatever calls are generated in software that same tips you get in SMS
Main difference is in Software you select any script from full list, in SMS we select few script.