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SMS Guidelines – NSE Future SMS

Types of SMS

2 options available in NSE Future SMS Plan

1st- Limited Calls- 1 or 2 calls per day
2nd- More calls- 3 to 5 calls per day

You can make changes in above settings by mailing at or simply filling up below form.


This package is specially designed for clients who are interested in receiving SMS Service. Under SMS service NSE Index and Stock Futures are covered. You will receive SMS of calls with clear entry target and stop loss. You will also receive SMS when target are achieved along with trailing stop loss.

1. Entry has to be made only when entry levels comes. You will also receive SMS when price crosses entry levels with (Activated ) mentioned in SMS. Calls are considered as (Activated) when entry price comes after 09:25am

2. Keep entry and target and stop loss order with few tick difference to avoid fluctuations.

3. If made profit in 1st call, then its better to avoid trading 2nd calls for that particular script.

4. If call is not activated before about 30 minutes of closing then Safe traders should avoid it.

5. If gets entry, but target or stop loss are not triggered then client can carry forward position to next one day. Those who don’t want to carry forward , better exit before market close. Please note, we will not send follow up SMS on next day.

6. Trade in such number of lots that if profit/loss happens it happens near about same in each script.

7. TRICK : If gets entry but stop loss is triggered and then again call gets activated, then trade it. It will have very high chances of profit. ( Kindly note you MAY not get SMS for rentry, but still you can trade it )

8. Rarely you will receive SMS to book profit before 1st Target. This point will be just few tick before the first target. You can exit 50% position at this point. If you book profit at this point then don’t book profit at 1st target. ( Reason for sending premature SMS of booking profit can be if there is heavy profit booking near our target OR may be some important data is going to be announced OR may be due to some technical or fundamental reasons )

9. IMP:  Whenever India Interest Rate Decision or WPI data are there, trade cautiously or trade in less quantity. You will receive SMS whenever this events are there.

Entry Strategy

If trading in 1 lot : Enter near entry price

If trading in multiple lots : Enter half quantity near entry price and remaining half quantity between entry price and stop loss . If after buying half quantity at entry price, targets are achieved before we buy remaining half quantity between entry and stop loss, then avoid buying remaining halfs between entry and stop loss . This same rule apply for selling position.

Exit Strategy

If trading in 1 lot : After 1st target achieves, modify stop loss to the level informed in SMS and exit at 2nd target.

If trading in 2 lots : After 1st target achieves, book profit in 1 lot and modify stop loss in 2nd lot to the price mentioned in SMS . Exit 2nd lot at 2nd target.

If trading in multiple lots : Use 50-25-25 strategy. Book 50% lots profit at 1st target, and modify stop loss in remaining lots, book 25% lots profit in 2nd target and trail stop loss in remaining lots and book 25% profit in 3rd target. Benefit is if market reverses after hitting 1st target then in 50% lots You Will Make Profit and in 50% lots no profit No Loss. And if market moves in Your Favour, You Will Make Profit in Remaining Lots. There is 0% loss after 1st target hits, but there would be lot more chances of profit if market moves in favour.


1. If subscribed to the service first time, then watch for few days atleast for 4-5 days. Once you get  grip, after that start trading with actual money.

2. Try to trade in multiple lots or atleast 2 lots.

3. If during market closing time, if price is trading in profit or near entry price, then better exit and do not carry forward position.

4. Trade cautiously during expiry week.

5. We request you not to judge service by checking result of just 1 or 2 days. Atleast check the result of 15-20 days and then judge the service.